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Window Shopping Online-CLS



“Technology may change but human nature remains constant. Norman Rockwell’s images of America’s shoppers still reflect our desire to engage all our senses when shopping for those special items and experiences.”


We provide you the ability to virtually place your establishment online where “window shoppers” (browsers) can tour your business in an interactive 360o visual environment. Within the virtual tour you can invite guests who tour your online site to come to your physical site to experience with all their senses what makes your business a truly special destination. The Service comprises a fully functioning 360o interactive tour that can be loaded on your website by your current webmaster and will play on any current enabled internet device. The standard package opens with a still photo of the outside of your business, then shifts to a series of three separate 360o panoramas that allow a viewer to rotate the image a full 360 degree revolution as if she were standing in the building from three different vantage points in your establishment. We also provide on link to an existing URL or portal to your email. A banner within each 360o contains your business name, address and a short welcome phrase from you if desired. This is a one-time fee service, you own the interactive tour and it is resident on your website. We deliver the full interactive tour to your webmaster within 7 days of receiving your order.


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