Pat St. Clair

2300 Buffalo Road, Building 100A

Rochester, NY 14624

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F: 206.350.0519


Jeff Cary

17582 SE 19 HWY, Casa Del Sol – Unit #4

Cross City, FL 32628

P: 352.578.8068

C: 352.562.6533

F: 206.359.0519




Always looking to be on the cutting edge, exploring and pioneering the next use of 360º based information delivery.


We are not a static organization.  Part of us is always looking down the road exploring the next frontier. Among items we are currently exploring is the concept of building mapping, delivering the information first responders need upon entering a building to fight a fire, to effect a rescue, or to guide law enforcement personnel in the execution of their duties in an emergency situation.


Building Mapping - Putnam Lodge (Seven Pan Demo with map and compass)  View site


By adding an interactive map, a compass, and several more 360º pans to the Putnam lodge “Window Shopping” piece, it becomes a more navigable building map that maintains a viewer’s directional orientation within each scene. Hotspots with links can be provided to add critical information first responders may require to maximize safety and bring the emergency situation to a successful conclusion.




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