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360º stitched image from the New Orleans Convention Center, February 2010

Circular Logic Systems, Inc. Our mission is to introduce a whole new level of interactivity to the world of business communications by integrating strategic information delivery within a 360º navigational interface. CLS’ media enables the business world to repurpose marketing communications assets and deliver media of all types in a uniquely engaging and interactive way. Text, still images, video, databases, control systems and any information accessible by the Internet can be made immediately available to end users. Our target markets include visually attractive destination retail and special events including shops, restaurants, fairs, farmers’ markets and other venues perfect for indulging oneself in food, drink and unique entertaining or learning experiences. Commercial venues also include trade shows, conferences and other environments where information is shared in a restrictive time period that if migrated to the Internet, could extend the opportunity for, further learning, networking and other business-to-business commerce after the venue ends. This service is highly effective in delivering critical information in a familiar 360o interactive visual context that reduces information search time while giving first responders a preview of the venue prior to entering a physical environment.  This interactive environment can be hosted on your website or on the private secure servers of our partner, VeriPic, Inc.


NOTE:  Everything on this site is full HTML-5 compatible, that is, it will play on all internet enabled devices . . . all smart phones, all tablets, all operating systems.


Everything is migrating to HTML-5 . . . we’re already there.


We have lots of other creative 360º work to display that we produced prior to our adoption of HTML-5, and would be happy to put that work in front of you if you ask, but note that it will be Flash based, and will require a laptop or office computer with Flash software installed to experience it.  Everything we’ve done for the last 8 months has been with mobile devices in mind, and that means HTML-5.


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